Apply for Funding

Welcome, aspiring organizations

We are here to fund organizations who are focused on helping and providing opportunities to underprivileged people in Oregon and neighboring communities. If your organization is working with individuals to inspire, educate, and provide financial assistance to the underprivileged to succeed in life, we want to fund you.

Begin your successful effort in your endeavors! Start by requesting a grant.

PFFBO has two grant options. Small Grants which are less than or equal to $2000 and  Full Grants which are above $2000.  


To request a Small Grant please download and submit the Small Grant application form.


Full Grants have two parts.  

To start the request of a Full Grant please download and submit the Full Grant Part I application form to initiate the request.

When Full Grant Part I is approved, please download and submit Full Grant Part II application form to complete the request.