Peoples Foundation For Better Opportunities

Helping people succeed in their endeavors 

Working  together with the community and key partners, PFFBO is creating opportunities for underprivileged  people ascend towards their education success and economic security

We are working to breaking the cycle of frustration and despair of underprivileged people who are aspiring to succeed in the endeavors. We provide financial assistance to help them create, grow, and succeed in life.

We are proud to support the following organizations who have programs that serve underprivileged communities.

Entrepreneurship and Invention education Programming in Underserved communities

TiE Oregon Foundation promotes entrepreneurial leadership skills and innovation among the next generation of community trailblazers through TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE), their program that inspires, challenges and empowers students to become the next generation of entrepreneurs, business and community leaders, and encourages higher education and careers in STEM fields.  

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Learning Center

Youth Progress provides culturally responsive, trauma-informed, engagement-based, and youth-centered programs and services. 

The Learning Center is Youth Progress' culturally-responsive, center-based therapeutic foster care program designed specifically to meet the academic, social & emotional, therapeutic, and recreational needs of students in foster care. 

The Rural Micro and Small Business Development Initiative

Micro Enterprise Resources Initiatives and Training (MERIT) serves an emerging diverse business community in Oregon, providing expert entrepreneurial and financial management training and technical assistance, including family-oriented finance management, financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, to build generational wealth and self-advocacy, fostering inclusiveness in building an environment of equitable prosperity.

The Rural Micro and Small Business Development Initiative (RSBDI) will provide access to capital and technical assistance by developing a clearinghouse that serves as the central access point for consumers interested in securing micro financing and small business contractor support for larger business strategies.

Laptop Scholarship 

The PSU Foundation raises and manages philanthropic gifts in support of the mission and priorities of Portland State University. 

Personal technology, such as a reliable laptop and wi-fi access, is crucial to student success. The purchase of a new and functional laptop can be unreachable for some PSU students who must then use outdated or shared systems. Recipients of this scholarship will receive a quality laptop that is theirs to keep--even beyond their experience at PSU.